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April 16, 2014

Phantom Traffic Jams

Ever been driving in heavy traffic… then everything comes to stop-and-go for a long stretch… only to start moving again? Sometimes, it might be a stall or minor wreck holding you up. Otherwise… it could be a phantom traffic jam. MIT researchers studied  phantom traffic jams.. and they have developed math formulas, and factors called jamitons that can explain phantom traffic jams. Read more about the rather heady research into jams that can cause headaches, here One application might be an addition of sensors inside vehicles. Until all cars have sensors…. maybe some common sense ‘ers would help prevent those …continue reading

A Good Deed

Law officers have all kinds of requirements for the job, such as the ability to lift a certain amount of weight, and run so far in a certain amount of time. But the last time I checked… bagging groceries are not one such job requirement. But a couple of Knox County deputies were pretty good at it Friday afternoon. I was northbound on Chapman Highway to turn right into the entrance to Wal-Mart, Wallgreen Pharmacy, Radio Shack, etc. I noticed there was a big pile of stuff in the oncoming side’s left turn lane. And then, I saw what caused …continue reading

Snakes, Poison, Fire …And The Haters

 I love Jesus.  I believe in my heart he is the one, true Son Of God, who was sacrificed for my sins, and whoever believes in Him, will someday be in Heaven with Him. I worship quietly and use a Book Of Prayer to lead me.  I love Jesus.  I believe in my heart he is the one, true Son Of God, who was sacrificed for my sins, and whoever believes in Him, will someday be in Heaven with Him. I am a member of the Catholic Church, and we have rituals that have lasted over the centuries.  I love …continue reading

Make An Obscene Drone Fall

The official Foulknews prediction: Misuse of drones to take- Voyeuristic views of some scenes where there is an expectation of privacy from something low and overhead, Miisuse of drones to take what amounts to unofficial crime scene photos that show far too much before a court hearing or arrest, and trolls who use drones to get “juicy” pictures of dead people hanging out of crashed cars will cause tight regulation that might prevent news organizations from using drones to capture other news images of weather, fires, and public events. Not that the FAA should regulate anything below a certain altitude anyway…but …continue reading

My Dad

My dad, Bill Foulk would have been 89 today. Many years ago, he bought a Zenith Crown transistor radio home from Miller’s Department store. I would keep an earpiece jammed in one ear all night long as I listened to the AM stations and dreamed of working in broadcasting. Daddy ignited my love for radio. He was a good husband and an honorable man. He was an example of a good son to his own parents, a good husband to my mom, a Christian who walked the walk, and a great father. I didn’t need an athlete, a war hero, …continue reading

Merry Letter Christmas

Many years ago, I would sometimes ride in the car when my mother drove to the big downtown main Post Office to pick up my dad as he completed the second tour. Occasionally, we would see the big Highway Post Office roll in with its load from places nearby. A few times, my dad would take me with him inside the Post Office to look around. It was a fascinating place… small packages and large bundles… from wrenches to baby chickens and bees were stacked. Clerks (like my dad) were “throwing” the mail… in other words, going through stacks of …continue reading

Another Milestone

Our youngest daughter, Julie, was awarded her hood tonight before graduation tomorrow at Lee University.Two children, a college undergrad transfer, and all kinds of challenges did not deter her from what she believes God wants her to do. She will receive a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. Julie must be an acronym for Just Understand Love In Everything, God’s remarkable, healing love. She has a heart for those trapped in their own mind, or beat down with untenable circumstances. Julie heard my stories from ‘the inside’ of scenes from an early age. She has worked inside a mental …continue reading

The Pressure Is On

But it shouldn’t be. But we see the message everywhere. We have to have a perfect Christmas. On television, perfectly dressed children dance around their photo model mother and father, while doting grandparents are seated in their easy chairs watching.  The pleasant-looking dog is asleep by the fireside, and everybody is drinking punch and downright giddy with Christmas cheer. In a real world, the children probably have their muddy shoes on inside the house, and their clothing ruined from an afternoon of full contact football in the front yard.  The grandparents might be in an argument over who’s mama handed down …continue reading

An Old Cat

Gracie has been a member of the Foulk family for many years, but I  don’t write about her as much.  She’s publicity shy.  Gracie has a good life as an indoor cat will all the attendant luxuries.   Her favorite place to sleep is on top of the printer.  She’s claimed the warmth and the high ground in the office.  But that will change, soon.  The Missus bought a new printer, and we are hoping to find a way to keep Gracie off the top of it.  There are all kinds of nice, cuddly places for her. Jake is at …continue reading

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