A Chilling Account Of Bravery

It was forty minutes of first hand accounts from New York on the day America came under attack.  The sight of those two tremendous towers in flames has come to represent what happened that day.  

Maybe three hundred forty-three ghosts helped tell the story.  It was radio at its best, with nothing in the way between the story and the listener.    

This afternoon, I listened carefully to the tone of his voice as a chief, who was then a captain inside one of the towers told his personal account of the hell inside the World Trade Center Towers.  Somehow, he and some others survived the collapse.  

He said he bristles at people who tell him “God was with you.”… because that implies God was not with those who died.     And then he told about recordings from The World Trade Center that tell the story about a firefighter on Ladder Three.  He was ordered to evacuate immediately.  He refused the command. He had badly burned people more than forty stories up, and he could not..would not abandon them.  All perished in the collapse of the tower, 

Here’s a link to the piece. 

This is a program well worth the time.  



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