I remember an angry caller one time asking me why I carry a firearm.  She didn’t like my answer, “To shoot somebody , why else would I carry a gun?”  I was not kidding.  What did she think I was doing– carrying my firearm in case I had a sudden urge to target shoot ?   It’s a last line of defense of your life.  It would sicken me to have to fire on an intruder or attacker.  But if the decision is you, or me… I am going to do my best to make sure it is you.

Not property, not honor, not bravado, not anything but to protect your life or the life of another.

Admittedly, some folks carry guns for an internal thrill, or to replace some sense of power, or just have a ‘big iron on their hip” as Marty Robbins sang.  The reason thousands of your fellow Tennesseans carry a firearm  is for when they have to use deadly force to protect their life, or the life of another person.

The decision to carry a weapon should be a deep mental exercise where you question yourself, your motives, your resolve, and your ability to think quickly.
It’s a dual-mindset, where in one sense, you hate to have to arm yourself, and in the other, you are willing to do so to protect life.

Please- if you are not inclined to carry a firearm or have one in your house… By all means do not do so.   Thank goodness we live in a nation that also gives us the right -not- to bear arms.

If you have children, an unsecured firearm of any kind in your home is a request for tragedy.

Firearm owners..know you are responsible for anything that leaves the barrel of your weapon…for as long as the round travels… into another room, or into your neighbor’s bedroom. That goes whether you’re target shooting, or shooting at an attacker.

Gun ownership and concealed carrying is a deeply personal decision.  Sometimes firearms ownership and familiarity are passed down though generations in a tradition.  In other circles, firearm ownership is abhorrent and a violation of principles of faith or philosophy.

I’m thankful we can make a decision.  But–as that ancient knight said in the Indiana Jones movie..
“Choose wisely.”