Election Day Eve

Every robo-call company has my home number, my cell number, and if the campaign were only a couple of weeks longer, I think I would be getting singing telegrams from the presidential candidates.  Two billion dollars raised by the super-pac bundlers.  –Kind of makes you wonder just how much power is in the Oval Office– a flavor of power not imagined when our forefathers signed  The Constitution.

But my gut tells me about something else we had better watch on election night.

And you see the stress in faces everywhere.  Many are out of a job.  Others have relatives who are hurting.  Some have even quit looking for a job.  It might be getting just a tad better in some industries, but there are still lay-offs in Tennessee.  More were announced just a few days ago.

Some Americans  believe we are on the right course, and no change is needed.  Others believe there has to be change in leadership, or our nation is a goner.  My experience tells me the truth is probably somewhere between those two ends of the political stick.

But my gut tells me about something else we had better watch on election night.

Watch Congress.  When members are giving up their seats and going home- frustrated with the gridlock, and others say they’ve never seen such divisiveness.   When for the first time in more than a half century there is no defense appropriations bill, and when our nation has skittered along with no budget for four years….  Friends, those are indications that something bad is brewing.  Political stalemate because of a lack of statesmanship.  A mindset where members of Congress are so afraid the opposing party will gain an inch… they’re prepared to ensure entire, important work goes into the dustbin.

A prayer or two for our nation might be in order.

Other lawmakers are so intoxicated with their so-called advancement in societal legislation that they say “no time to read it, just  pass it.”   I wouldn’t buy a washing machine like that, yet we are betting that all of the bases have been covered for deep changes in medical care that won’t break the nation.

Lincoln’s presidency was probably the last where people off the street could come to the office, and ask for an appointment.  The curent, leather suspendered assistants would probably think it’s a huge waste of time for our president and members of Congress.  But I think perhaps one day a week, listening to the woman trying to feed her family, the farmer up all night working to keep his equipment operating because he cannot afford replacements, or the cop who works an extra job, or , or,  and or a thousand or a million similar stories.

So I can’t be objective, but I have to be fair.   And to that end I lay blame for both sides, all sides.

Watch how our Congress shapes up.  Watch how they deal with the perfect storm of looming debt, spending, care for our aging population, and concern for the burden left our children and grandchildren.  Let’s see if the campaign robo promises will be kept.  Of if all of that talk was just so much bandwidth at dinnertime.

A prayer or two for our nation might be in order.


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