Ear Buds Are Blooming


During a lull in all the activity around this house this weekend, I decided to listen to some music and take a nap.
A lifetime of headphones and other noisemakers… and I have some pretty significant hearing issues.  So, rather than rattle the house with the very capable Boston Acousitcs set, I decided to borrow the missus’ ear buds. 
After my nap, I pulled the little doo-dads from my ears and carried on.
But I noticed that my left ear was really stopped up.  Recalling my extensive medical training (none) … I poured some hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal.  As usual, the stuff bubbled and bubbled, and I thought my problem would dissolve.
Nope.  Still stopped up.
I decided to give it until the next day… but in the middle of the night, my ear was really starting to aggravate me. 
I escalated the war, and found the little ear thingy tool and decided to poke around in there.  Let me say right here YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO PUT ANYTHING LARGER THAN YOUR FINGER IN YOUR EAR.   Do not do what I did.  Okay?
That said, I could feel something unusually hard in the ear canal…something that did not feel, well, organic.
It was time for another escalation in the war.  I retrieved my 24 LED  flashlight, and with the light in one hand, and the ear thingy in the other, I trundled to the guest bedroom, and awoke the guest, who happened to be our very pregnant daughter, Julie.  I beseeched her to take a look into my offending ear and tell me what she could see.
And there it was… the rubber end doo-dad of the ear buds I had borrowed.  And it was about that time I remembered hearing (through my good ear) the missus saying something about her ear buds not working right.
Thankfully, Julie managed to snag the middle of the rubber doo-dad and urge it out of my ear.  That probably saved a couple of thousand dollars and no small embarrassment from this radio professional having to have a piece of equipment dug out of his ear by an emergency room doc.
Bleary eyed Julie could only muster a “There, Daddy, you can probably hear much better now” before she padded back to bed.
Nothing is normal around this house.  Not even a nap.



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